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June 03, 8:18 AM


Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by. For those who don't know me, my name is Oliver Grigsby, I'm a writer for Heroes (Shades of Gray) and I'm also a writer and editor for the Heroes Graphic Novels. Each week I'll post here to talk about the latest graphic novel and the creation process behind it.

First let me go over a few logistics. The graphic novels typically go online once a week sometime in the early hours of Tuesday morning (PST). But for the summer we've slowed things down a little bit. Here's the current schedule, though please be aware it could change:

6/16 - Rebellion Part 5: Wanted
7/14 - Rebellion Part 6
8/18 - Rebellion Part 7

Parts 5, 6 and 7 will be 8 pages each. In September, we'll return to our regular weekly schedule leading up to the premiere of Volume 5.

Today I'll talk about how we came up with the idea for Rebellion. In the following weeks I'll spend some time delving into the details of each part.

Though we've only done it a couple of times now, coming up with a story for the summer arc is always tricky because we don't know exactly which direction the next volume of the show is headed in. I've always felt that the best graphic novels are the ones that fill in some piece of the story that we only caught a glimpse of in the actual show. So to that end, we came up with the idea to explore what Rebel was up to between all those moments he popped up in the show. The idea of creating a team that Rebel was working with came naturally out of that.

Harrison Wilcox, Zach Craley and I spent some time batting ideas around and formed a framework for the Rebellion arc -- teaming up with other specials with his primary goal being to rescue Monica. Originally we had planned for weekly comics and had imagined that we could see team Rebel off doing some side missions, saving people that were being hunted etc. When word came down that we would only be producing one graphic novel in June, July and August we had to adjust a little and ended up only being able to hit the major storyline points. While I'd certainly like to be telling more stories, what I like about this approach is that it forced us to focus the story much more.

One thing that the show tries to stay true to is the "ordinary people" aspect and not become a show solely about "superheroes" and their powers. My opinion has always been that the graphic novels allow us to explore the "superhero" side of things a little bit. Have some fun with abilities and situations. However, we didn't want to stray too far so we decided to keep the Rebellion team young. Only idealistic youth would be crazy enough to believe that they could team up and stand up to the government. And of course there's a natural tendency for kids to "rebel" against authority.

Thus began the discussion of who to include on the team. West was a choice largely because it allowed the team to become mobile and get to lots of interesting places. We chose Sparrow because we wanted to have a new character with a fun offensive power. Naturally we talked about Molly and Alex but we ruled out Molly because (hint) we have other plans for her, and chose not to go with Alex because the breathing underwater ability isn't very dynamic or useful when it comes to facing government agents. We ended up with Abigail because we felt that forcefields would be an interesting ability to work with (and useful for our team). At one point we had thoughts about creating a love interest/complication for Abby and West but simply didn't have enough pages to do it.

From there we divided up the scripts and let the individual writers go to work. Zach knew his chapters would be about the abduction of Monica (to setup the series) and then the introduction of Sparrow. I knew my two chapters would be about Micah forming the team and their first foray as a group.

The next three parts are being written by Harrison Wilcox, Timm Keppler and Jim Martin respectively so look for their issues coming up. And if for some inexplicable reason you haven't been keeping up with the graphic novels, go catch up right now!

Next week I'll go into more detail about Rebellion parts 1 and 2 and the creation of Sparrow. Please hit up the comments below, I look forward to hearing from you!


1) Loved return of Monica. Would love to see her in full Tim Sale regalia w cross bow and dealing out justice, protecting what she can of the streets of New Orleans.

2)Loved that you guys used my handle, I was preening all over.

3)Loved Micah in every appearence, in the GN and on the show. Love that he has a "heroic" purpose and u guys didn't listen to idiot fans who wanted him to become "bad". Whats wrong with people?

4)Only critique, Micah is not going to be as calculating as an adult so a hardened strategist he's not going to be. To sound more convincing you have to work in how he speaks and sounds by way of Noah Gray Cabey.

I look forward to seeing more of your posts here as well as seeing more of your work.

Oliver Grigsby,
Ooomg so I am such a huge fan of Shades of Gray and I don't think Sylar should ever be killed off. 2ndly, that kid is going to be such an incredible leader. Micah Sanders appearance in both t.v and GN series has been such a great leap in telling the story of his reasoning in creating team Rebel. I am ecstatic that Abby’s back after seeing her in Sum Quod Sum I instantly related to her. She’s a solid character I enjoyed seeing her whooping Elle’s butt and seeing a softer side towards Lee. Abigail may resemble Violet Parr from The Incredibles, nevertheless having her around is a plus & perhaps we the viewer may get the opportunity to see her in the t.v series, especially if I can play her, tahehehe^_^
Congrats on the wedding thingy, Hip hip hooray!

Great stuff. I'm always fascinated to read about the process behind my favorite things.

I love that we get a little taste of what the Heroes crew thinks about all the Heroes as well.

I'm loving this story (and it's being very well received over at a certain pitiless TV discussion forum). I'm glad to hear that you all have plans (hopefully good ones) for Molly, and I would really love to see Monica return to the show. I've been hoping for a super-kids team episode ever since Adair (I have to credit the actress for this) gave Micah that look when he communed with the elevator in How to Stop an Exploding Man. While I'd still love to see it on the show, this storyline is doing a really good job.

I'd also love to see Sparrow make a live appearance, preferably not ending in her immediate demise (comics characters have a poor survival rate once they make it to Monday evening, it seems). Her name has popped up on The List since early in S1 and it's great to finally see her. As for Abigail... maybe now we know who Claude was hiding back in Company Man. It's good to see West back as well.

Anyway, I'm loving the storyline, and good luck with S4!

my name is maria i love hereos. im a big fan

i want to meet the cast someday.

i watch it every monday i never miss it.

their fan maria

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